Jag IFS in my Hudson



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    Someone asked me about the factory Jaguar mounts for the crossmember. This is what they look like. 
  • 54coupe54coupe Posts: 793Member

    I have been struggling over what to do about my exhaust. I’ve been looking at headers, but haven’t been able to find anything I thought would work, unless I bought two sets so I could get a left and right that would both work. I have also thought about making a set. I ended up acquiring these from my niece and her husband. They took them off of their 72 Torino with the 429 Cobra Jet, when they went to headers. These will work fine for me for now, and I may tackle making headers sometime down the road. I think these manifolds will give me lower temps under the hood than headers, though they probably won’t flow as well. I am going to send them out to be coated before I put them on.
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    How is the project coming?  Still happy with the jag choice?  I emailed you a question today regarding the shock mounts.
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