Jag IFS in my Hudson

54coupe54coupe Posts: 157Member
I rearranged the shop so I can get the front suspension out of the Jag, to put in my 54. I thought I would document it here.


  • 54coupe54coupe Posts: 157Member
    lets see if I can post a photo...image
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    Location ?

  • TwinSuperchargedTwinSupercharged Posts: 24Expert Adviser
    I am very interested in your IFS conversion and hope you will be able to post your progress along with pixs.
  • 54coupe54coupe Posts: 157Member
    Kdancy said:
    Location ?

    My back yard. So.Cal.
  • 40indianssgmailcom40indianssgmailcom Posts: 99Senior Contributor
    I have xj6 ifs and IRS in my 47 pickup, also using jag 4.2 liter engine with a gm 350 trans
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  • 40indianssgmailcom40indianssgmailcom Posts: 99Senior Contributor
    Also I would suggest saving the jag front frame rails as this has the attachment locations for bolting the ifs in just as jaguar did it.  Saves a lot of fab time
  • 40indianssgmailcom40indianssgmailcom Posts: 99Senior Contributor
     The jag IRS is much simpler to use if you retain the cage and could almost bolt in.  One other advantage is Chevrolet bolt pattern for wheels
  • KustomKreepsKustomKreeps Posts: 320Member
    I looked at useing a jag front end for my 49. But by the time you pul it out, strip it down & rebuild it. Fab up what ever. then make it work with bags nice....
    Was easier and cheaper to get a MII front end made up to my cars specs, ride height and style etc that suited the cars weight, no bump steer etc.

    Just a thought before you go ahead and try to recycle an old 30+ year old jag setup.
  • 40indianssgmailcom40indianssgmailcom Posts: 99Senior Contributor
    From a dollars and cents perspective a complete jag xj6 for $200  has virtually all I needed to upgrade a 47  pu to ifs, irs, and true twin h power with dual oh and dual cabs.  The truck is approx 1400 lbs lighter than the jag with 254 cu in inline six so should drive quite nicely.  While I admire your project it is way over my budget but to each his own
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    I will be using the Jag. I tend to drive my cars a lot, and this will be my daily driver when completed. I like the idea of being able to buy replacement parts at the local parts house when needed, and knowing that anything relating to the front suspension and front brakes is from the same application, so it all works seamlessly together. I don't have much confidence in a Ford Pinto (Mustang II) suspension holding up the front half of a 3600+ pound car. The Jaguar IFS suits the Hudson well, and with hundreds of thousands of them produced, and on the road, I think it will be a long time before there is any shortage of replacement parts. I have a Hudson with an aftermarket front end under it. It works very well. It has a Mustang power rack, Ford rotors and bearings, Chevy calipers, and Chrysler ball joints, with Aldan coil-over shocks and custom tubular upper and lower control arms. If my daughter, who now owns the car, and lives 1800 miles away, needs anything for that front end.... That's kind of a mess.
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    That quarter would be easier to fix if it were off the car.
  • 54coupe54coupe Posts: 157Member
    That quarter would be easier to fix if it were off the car.
    I can't get to the mounting bolts.
  • 54coupe54coupe Posts: 157Member
    This is the donor carimage
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