TV cable to Carter carb

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I am hanging a 700r4 behind a 262 and need to come up with a bracket for the TV cable from the trans to the carburetor. 

Does anyone have any pictures or ideas for the bracket I need to build? Just looking for a starting place instead of reinventing the wheel.

If you have pictures of at twinH or single carb setup either might be helpful to me.

Much appreciated.


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    I am working on getting a couple of photos for you. I’ve done one with the factory 2 bbl, and one with a 4bbl. I will probably email them to you, as I have difficulty posting photos here.
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     Ive put a 200R4 OD behind a Hornet Twin H Mtr then made a bracket that hooked to the Linkage. I ensured that at full throttle the cable was fully extended by Raising an 'Arm' little higher then the Twin Carb Crossshaft. Its in a '37 and don't know if could get a good pic. with GM Booster, etc hiding it.

    Then later (this yr) I read an article in HR Mag on the TV Cable that details the Cable bracketry then compared with my earlier install but didn't change anything. It describes a Universal Cable Adjustment Kit to purchase. (Goggle HRM to find the article). Its about 4 pgs but the main point is to have cable fully extended @ WOT. I have it in my Documents saved but its long to Post.

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    Actually, just 'goggle' 700r4OD transmission cable adjustment will give you several Videos of tips

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    I'm still working on getting the photos. He was out of town, and should be back today.
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    11:10 am Tuesday. Just emailed photos of the kickdown bracket I made for the factory 2 barrel manifold. Please post them here, if you can.
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    Thanks Dan, When I installed this bracket, I eliminated the lockwashers so that I wouldn't have to change the studs.
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