'56 Rambnler Steering Idler arm

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I have a '56 Rambler Station Wagon with too much play in the steering. Most of it is that the idler arm on the right side is loose. is there any way of tightening it. I seem to remember in the old days they had repair kits for these. Any help will be appriciated. Thanks Norm:confused:


  • Well Norm, in the olden days there was a lot of things that we can not get any longer unfortunately.

    Have you tried NAPA? Kanter? J.C. Whitney?

    I don't think there is any adjustments to the one you have, but you may be able to find a reapir kit. I really don't know what it looks like so I can't help with that.

    Keep us posted as to when you find one. It's getting harder to find parts places that have these parts for the orphans.

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