Fun to catch Hudsons in old movies

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Last week my son and I watched 2 1950s movies, "Vertigo" (1958), which was shot on location in SF, and "Earth vs. the Flying Saucers" (1956), a classic scifi flick.  In Vertigo there were at least 2 Hudsons parked along the street, one a Hornet or Wasp and the other a '48 or '49?  In EVFS - in one of the evacuation scenes from DC there was a 1950 Hudson on the freeway on the right side of the screen in full view.  It is just cool to see these cars.  Not to mention other makes as well.  Jimmy Stewart was driving a '57 DeSoto Adventurer!


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    As well as something new;  hudson in background.
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    I just saw a custom colored green step down in a new 7-11 commercial a few minutes ago..
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    That is a cool commercial!
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    The hero in this series of movie shorts drives a tow truck built from a 20's Hudson
    Dave Y New Zealand
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    I always watch old movies for the presence of a Hudson or two when they have street or road scenes.  Unfortunately, to me at least, it seems Hudsons don't appear too often.  That said, I was once watching an old episode of the TV show "Route 66" and at the end of the program was a nice broadside shot of a Hudson "stepdown" cruising by.   
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    Not a movie, but I saw this at a drop box in Durham,NC.
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