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Has anybody ever made a Hudson car into a truck or made a Hudson truck with an extened cab using a modern  truck rear section of the cab.


  • ColeOColeO Posts: 4Member
    Someone is trying to have one ready for the Indiana World of Wheels. I do not have any pictures.
  • LanceLance Posts: 820Member
    Sure have. Tom House made a couple of the extended cab versions. Looked factory.
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    Ed Weincek took a '46/7 brougham (I think) and converted it to a pickup by cutting off the back of the brougham and splicing the back of a derelict truck cab to the front part of the brougham. Since the brougham front doors are longer than the truck's, this effectively resulted in an extended cab. When it was completed, Ed not only had more legroom, but he was able to store his spare tire behind the seat. One problem Ed encountered was that the bottoms of the 1942-7 doors "flared out" to hide the runningboards. The "real" 1942-7 pickups used 1941 doors (without the flare-out at the bottom) . So the back of the 1942-47 doors at the bottom did not "transition" well, at their backs, to the pickup cab (which didn't have the flair-out). Still, Ed was happy with it. After he died, the truck was sold to a 14-year-old boy whose father (I understand) wanted to street rod it. The unhappy result was the the car was taken apart in anticipation of being street rodded, then the boy lost interest, and finally the remains were (I believe) sold.
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    As the owner of a 47 pu I wonder why the factory chose to convert the 4 door body into the pu when the longer doors of the 2 door would have made the cab more comfortable. Realizing that the decision may have had something to do with using the long wb chassis but the bed could have been slightly shorter and still been utilitarian
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    There was this extended cab truck at a gathering at Irwindale Speedway. Not sure if it was Danny Steel's.

  • charles4dcharles4d Posts: 502Expert Adviser
    Nice looking truck
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    The silver pickup modifications were done by "Bent Metal" several years ago. A very nice truck with well executed modifications.
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    I for one would like to see more pictures of this or any other extended cab trucks
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    It looks great but I would loose the wheels.  
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    If you go onto your facebook and search for Hudson Modified you will see that we have posted a number of these modified Hudson trucks. It is very common to replace the door with a coupe door and extend the cab. Click on "Like" and you will be able to post your comments and/or photos. See ya over at Hudson Modified Facebook page....
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