Wanted: 1932 Hudson Essex Terraplane water pump

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Looking for a water pump for a 1932 Hudson Essex Terraplane. The engine is a 194 cubic inch six cylinder. The water pump bolts directly on the front of the head. From my understanding 1932-1935 used the same water pump on the 194 and 212 six cylinder engines. I will add some pictures of the water pump I’m looking for. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



  • HansHans Posts: 63Senior Contributor
    Here is a possible lead: At the Chattanooga national, if I recall correctly, a complete pump and a pump housing were available from Paul Schuster of Munhall Pa.
    He has an amazing quantity of Hudson parts and is knowledgeable and helpful.

    I believe all pumps will bolt on to heads, 6 cyl or 8 cyl.
    32 ET pump has three blades on impeller. a little narrower outlet to radiator.
    33 ET 6 cyl pump is nearly identical but water outlet is slightly larger.
    33 ET 8 cyl pump has 6 blades on impeller, water outlet same as 6 cyl pump.
    34 & 35 6 pump may have a longer shaft and pulley shiv grove may be a little closer to
    radiator, requiring reversal of crank vibration pulley and generator moved forward,
    There are various pump seal types, Some 34/ 35 pumps may have sealed bearings, or even covered cavity with covers over shaft lubricant.
    Good luck and Happy New Year.
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    Whenever I see something that
    is in demand and hard to find Im surprised that someone doesnt have a few cast/made.
  • HansHans Posts: 63Senior Contributor
    If memory serves: a few years ago there was someone doing cad cam on impeller and pump body. He had impeller done and was looking for around 10 people to join in the cost. I ams not sure that I recall exactly the estimated costs, but is seems like it was over $500 a pump.
    repairing a pump could be cheaper, unless you have no pump to begin with.
    Perhaps others will recall who was doing it and get it revived.

  • tedted Posts: 24Member
    Hi Ted here.  A 32 terraplane  and 33 6 and 8r interchangeable .. they r much shorter than 34/35..  al  plus r different  on 34/35.  32 terraplane and 33 need short housing . For rad clearance. I rebuilt  my 33 pump with modern bearing and seals. ( NO DRIPPING). I DO HAVE   REBUILT 35 PUMPS HERE. 2 OF THEM MODERN SEAL /BEARING THAT WERE FACTORY GREASABLE.  LONGER BY AN IN GUESSING.  I HAD ALUMINUN ULLEY MADE ON MY 33 WATERPUMP  WHEN  ORIGINAL S BRAKE EASILY. IF U LIKE I COULD TRY TO REPAIR UR HOUSING. IF U HAVE ONE.  ALWAYS  LOOKING 4 PARS 4 32/33. TED. 5196543144.
  • tedted Posts: 24Member
    Hi Ted here.  I do know were there a complete 33 8 cyl core engine   unknown  condition  for 5000.$ Canadian .  This is way to much when it likely  needs rebuilt . Pump is on it. A year ago. In Ontario  Canada . 5196543144..
  • HansHans Posts: 63Senior Contributor
    on ebay now  ( not mine )
    1935 Hudson rebuilt water pump,  they bolt on but the total length could be a consideration \.
    Measure the length of yours and contact seller for length of his.
    You may have enough clearance for fan to clear your radiator
    Located in Albany Oregon
    good luck

    on ebay type in : 1935 Hudson models water pump  

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