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When I go to an HET forum discussion page that someone wrote, my computer always temporarily freezes up and I get a message that states:  "Stop running this script?"  "A script on this page is causing Internet Explorer to run slowly, your computer might become unresponsive."  Clicking "yes" to this question brings my computer back to life so to speak.  Anyone else have this issue and any idea on how to prevent it?  Thanks!




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    What version of IE are you using?  I get that at work but we are still on IE8 which is oooooold. 

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    I should have added.  A lot of the open source applications we are using for the Club (because they are either free or really inexpensive), dont always play nice with IE.  I would recommend Chrome or Firefox browsers.  The only reason a lot of companies are not upgrading is that newer versions of browsers have automatic updates, great for home users, but it really makes corporate network security guys really nervous.  I have found Chrome to work the best for all aspects of the club website.  I use Firefox Firebug to find out where code is so I can tweet the site but sometimes it can be a little buggy. 
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    Thanks for the advice, AK. I believe I'm using vostro 200 (my computer's six years old, plus a day). Perhaps it's time to purchase a new PC!
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    Ah so you like antique cars AND antique computers.  We try and keep current on software so we can keep up on bug patches to keep the bad guys out.  You are probably suffering from both browser headaches but also operating systme issues.  Looks like it came with XP.  Still a decent OS but not a bad idea to put some things on your Christmas list. 

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    Yes I am having the same problem. I click yes and keep on going. Haven't had any bad things happen yet.  Over on the  main HET forum, I have been kicked and can't log back in. Maybe all the kinks will get worked soon.  L Hud
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    Yes, I guess these days, a six year old computer can be considered antique. But, like L. Hud, at least I haven't had any thing bad happen either....so far! Just a bit frustrating having to wait for things to time out.
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    In the computer world, 6 months is out of date.  Six Years is like a 60 year-old car.  I'm not quite out as far as you, but I use Vista (which sucks) at home and I get issues from time to time even with a pretty good IT support.  
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    Honestly, there are other considerations as well - not only age. 

    Most, when buying a PC, 'go with the flow' - i.e., whatever is on sale, a 'baseline' unit at best (read minimal specifications, lowest price).  The saying 'you get what you pay for' applies here, 'in spades'.

    When doing research, don't look at 'lowest' or baseline.  Look for the best, biggest, fastest system, with the biggest & fastest H/D, and the most options and upgrades (i.e., bells and whistles).  You may go with a 'lower end' model as your research progresses, but at least you'll be aware of what you're getting;

    Think 'out of the box' - What about a 'tablet', or a tablet PC?  Do I want or need a desktop anymore?  If you want that PC to be tied to one room - maybe a desktop is for you.

    *Careful* Some of the cheap  systems offered are '32-bit' (i.e., old technology) - walk away.  Any system you consider should be based on '64-bit' technology, which is fully supported by both Windows 7 and Windows 8.  The OS will run on '32-bit', but why bother?

    Pull out a pencil and paper, write down your 'wish list' of items - along with the make(s) and models

    Once you've got an idea as to what you want in your PC -

    • Processor (the fastest you can afford or get);
    • RAM (the most ram that the PC will take, in most cases);
    • H/D (A 500 GB drive should suffice, unless you want something larger.  Speed of the drive - go with a 7,000-10,000 RPM drive.  Possibly a 'solid state drive (SSD) if your budget allows - but they will be smaller;
    • Upgrade the video option;

    And, don't forget those add-ons;

    • Monitor (if you are buying a desktop - get at least a 22", and I would recommend a 25"-28");
    • If you are buying a notebook - Go with the highest resolution that screen that you can.  You may also want to consider a 'touch screen', since Windows 8 takes so much advantage of that);
    • Web/video camera - do you want one?
    • CD/DVD/Blue-Ray (capability to record, not just 'play');
    • Upgrade your wireless past the baseline;
    • If you need or use FAX, you'll probably need a modem - however, that is quickly becoming obsolete;
    • Consider all options, and don't forget those accessories (all-in-one printer/scanner, fax, copier, etc.);
    • Don't forget a carrying case, etc., for the notebook/tablet;

     And then, comes warranty, extended warranty, and even an option for replacing the H/D if it goes bad (not always covered).

    And - that does not often include anything other than the basic software, or just 'trial' versions of it.

    *** don't forget anti-virus and malware software ***


    Off-the-cuff...  Probably left a lot off/out, but you get the idea.

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