Master Parts Catalog?

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Anyone have or know of a "Master Parts Catalog" for AMC? I've got a buddy who has a lot of NOS Hudson and AMC parts. I can help him with the Hudson stuff, but he could really use an AMC catalog. Does such a bird exist?


  • I have not seen one after 20 yrs in the amc hobby, but I'm sure the dealers had something bigger than a model specific catalog collection. I will check into it and get back to you.
  • Yes, there is indeed a master parts catalog available, but good luck finding one that is for sale. According to some other AMC buffs I spoke to the dealers even had a hard tiem getting copies of them when it was near the end for AMC......they stopped producing them, so only what was taken from existing dealerships in the mid 80's is available. If you look you can find some of the stuff on CD, but it's usually model-specific, (eg, 67-72 ambassador and matador, or something like that).
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