Chevy 350 TBI/700R4 into a 1967 American.

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Greetings from a newbie here.

I have a 1967 Rambler American SW in which I have installed a 1970's 232 Six and matching Mopar based 904 AT.

Long story short: I am only getting about 15 MPG (city/freeway driving) and if I have to tolerate that
I may as well run a V8 and have much more power along with a more pleasant exhaust note :)

My 1990 Suburban has a 350 TBI/700R4 so I am quite favorably impressed with at least that variety of SBC.

I was thinking about switching to an AMC 360 but, after comparing parts cost/ availability, etc to Chevy; the latter won out
and, with the latter, I can use a 700R4 for its overdrive feature.

Any thoughts; good, bad or indifferent.


  • Hi, You are in exactly the same position I was in, a few months ago. Yes, the mileage is not that great with the six and the 904. My donor was a 1991 Caprice with a 350/carb transplant with the 4L60 trans., non-electronic controlled lockup. You should ditch the TBI crap and go for a carb. You'll have to get a regular intake, distributor and carb., of course. I too thought about going "all AMC", but the cost of the V-8 specific front crossmember, and the special "block plates", you can easily drop 500+ on that stuff... then TRY and find a good 360 (or good core..) , then TRY and find a RWD 727 trans! Trust me, the SBC is the way to go. I can give you greater details and get you in the group of Chev/AMC crossbreeders I'm associated with. Drop me a line at judderman 65 at hot mail dot com. Run the name and number together, no spaces! I'll be glad to share what worked, what didn't and tips to make it easier to do. In the end, I'd do it all over again, that's for sure! The OD feature knocks the RPM's back and the car is a full 1000 lbs. lighter than the Caprice... much better on gas and a pleasure to drive! Drop me aline sometime! Regards, Mike
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