AMC Pacers


I am looking for nice, really clean, in either original, or restored to original configuration, AMC Pacers to photograph for an up-coming magazine article about them.

Also, there is a really nice looking '81 AMC Spirit on Ebay this morning

Bob (Carpics) Nicholson


  • Bill Albright has a nice 76 model for sale, I think he still has it. 909-823-9168
  • Bob

    I do not know where you are located - but I have one of the nicest 76 Yellow coupes in the country. Complete with factory alloy wheels and roof rack. Call me a 575-887-7422 or e-mail me a

  • 37 CTS37 CTS Posts: 559Senior Contributor

    If interested here is my Pacer X , Sheldon at

    new paint, top, nice car.

    all orginal no modifications
  • last time I was in Idaho Falls there was a guy there that had either three or four pacers, a couple of coups and station wagons, I'm pretty sure he said he'll sell the whole lot for $500.00
  • wow never see one of those..
  • BeforemytimeBeforemytime Posts: 111Member
    "The wide small car" (ad slogan from the time they were new) 
  • charles4dcharles4d Posts: 556Expert Adviser
    The car was going to be used for the mars exploration team but it was to wide to fit on the rocket 
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