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I'm doing a tune up on the 232 and the parts stores keep giving me a coil that says it needs to be used with a resistor. Yet I see none on the car and the wiring diagram in the factory manual doesn't show any. Does anyone know the correct part #s for all the ignition tune up components? Thanks



  • According to my book, your coil should have an internal resistor.

    If your parts store can't seem to help you with anything other then what they are doing now, I would try a different store. Today, far to many parts stores are not concerned with the older cars as they are not listed in their computer and need to be looked up in a parts book. That seems to be to much trouble for many for these organizations today.

    If you have no other luck, try Jegs or Summit. They do list many coils and always have a phone number to contact them.

    If you need specs on your coil, let me know and I will post them for you.

    Hope this helps and good luck.

  • Thank you for responding, Ron. I went to 2 parts stores and they gave me the same coil with the words "Must be used with an external resistor" on it. Now it makes me wonder if the points, plugs, condensor, cap and rotor I bought from them are correct. If you could give me the correct part numbers that would be great.


  • Try this guy http://www.partsamerica.com/productdetail.aspx?MfrCode=GPS&MfrPartNumber=GC124&PartType=190&PTSet=A

    You may want to call them first to be sure of what you get.

    I'll check with some of the people that I know and see if I can get you an original part number.

  • Rambler Americans are set up with a resistor wire leading from the ignition switch to the coil. Check with a volt meter, should be about 5-7 volts. Have 5 Americans, have burned out a couple over the years.

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