Install a GM overdrive automatic in a Hornet with a 258.

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I want to put a GM 700R4 or 200-4R transmission in my '74 Hornet. Can anyone give me any information on adapters? I have heard that some Jeeps in the '70's had GM automatics. Did they use an adapter to the AMC 6? All information is appreciated.

Bob T


  • Should've been a Torqueflite in your car to begin with, why don't you try a Chrysler auto w/ O.D. Should be a hell of a lot simpler and less expensive!
  • Hi Steve:

    I didn't know Chrysler had an automatic overdrive for rear wheel drive. What was it used in?

    Bob T
  • My 89 Dodge D-150 1/2 ton pickup hadit,. maybe the later rwd 5th avenues had it also and probably the Dakota pickups.
  • Thanks, Steve. I hadn't thought about pickups. I don't think the rear wheel drive Fifth Avenue ever had the overdrive. I'll check out the PU's.
  • Also consider the early 2 wheeldrive Jeep Cherokees and Comanches (up to about '91 or '92). They used an Aisin-Warner overdrive automatic. It uses a stand-alone transmission control unit that is not incorporated into the engine computer (later models did have the engine and tranny contorls in one computer, about 92 or so). You'll need to add a throttle position sensor and maybe one or two others.

    Its another option to think about. Guys on the Cherokee sites and Comanche sites can help with the swap.
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