rambler engine swap

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i have a 1964 AMC Rambler with a Straight 6

what would it take to switch it for a small/big block V8?

would i have to switch the tranny too?


  • Friend I actually did just that way back about 1970 or so. Think it was a 65 Rambler. Used a Small block Chevy. Motor mounts were easy to make. Beleive I relocated the battery. Been a long time so check this. If I remember correctly, the front bearing retainer cover on the Rambler tranny was the same diameter as the opening for it on the Chevy bellhouseing , the tranny shaft was the right length and splines and all I did there was drill 1 or 2 new holes to bolt it up snug. Made a real sleeper machine out of the Rambler. Did this for a buddy who's old 6 craped out on him. The Rambler tranny was manual 3 speed with O.D.
  • my husband has a 1958 chevy apache straight 6 and is trying to switch to a 1987 v8 chevy 350 and needs some help as to what to do with the motor mount. keep where it is....move toward cab or move toward radiator? Do you know anywhere he can get help with this info?

    Please help
  • I believe the 58 Chevy truck had the mounts on the side of the block like the passenger cars, if so it should be a bolt in deal. If not and it has the studs and brackets like the 55/6 cars there should be holes in the frame already. Then it would be as simple as threading the holes on the front of the block for the brackets. There atre two holes on each side of the block above the oil ppan and on either side of the timing gear cover one above the other about one inch apart, unless they've changed the casting to eliminate them.
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