Big Load!

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Here is my fathers 1970 Ambassador SST Hardtop towing an old Canteen Van. the vans hitch broke so we had to load it onto our car trailer to transport it 140km west of Sydney to our family property. It was a cheap buy. It was mostly srtipped out except for the deep fryer (radiator hoses are kept in here) and the shelves. It is full of AMC and Hudson parts. The Ambassador had no troubles pulling this load over the famous Blue Mountains west of Sydney to the other side. The Ambassador is equipped with the original 360V8 4bbl motor that is rated at 290hp when new.


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    Thanks for posting the pic. I don't feel so crazy for pulling my Hudson truck across town with a minivan now :)

  •'ll have to let us know what parts are in there (that is, if any of them are for sale). Pretty rare car too, even for an AMC. You don't see too many 1970 cars, and even less hardtops.

    Like an idiot i passed on a '70 390 car about 2 yrs ago........hindsight is 20/20.
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