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This 70 Ambassador SST Hardtop was imported to Australia from the USA when it was 2 years old.

AMI (Australian Motor Industries) Assembled only 16 1970 Ambassador Hardtops along with 4 sedans.

This car pictured is not one of them.

Ive known this car since I was a boy. It was used as a bridal car for my mothers 2nd wedding back the late 70's. The second owner Noel Keiselbach was one of my grandfathers best mates going back to the 60's. My Grandfather died back in 1985 and Noel passed away about 10 years ago.

Noel's Story.

An Australian air service officer was posted in the US during the Veitnam War. The man (cannot remember the name) wanted to bring back an American built car as Australian cars at the time were not as big and as powerful as those from the US. This gentleman attended many drag strips in the late 60's to find out which make of car that might be of interest to him. As time went by he relised that AMC was the brand for him (he said AMC was the last brand to give up on the track). He decided to purchase a 1970 AMC Ambassador SST Hardtop with the 360 4bbl V8 which was rated at 290 HP. The car was a special order direct from AMC. It was right hand drive, column auto, power steering, power drums all round, window tint, light group and Air cond. The car was driven in right hand drive form in the US for 2 years before he was sent back to Australia. Once the car arrived, his daughter was given honours to drive it but said it was to big. The Ambassador was then sold to Noel in 1974. On the front and rear bars it still has original AAA stickers on them.

My Stepfather purchased the car from Noel not long before he passed away about ten years ago. The car is still in our family and will never be sold outside the family. It has just clocked 100k and the interior is 100% original except for the carpet. It has only 1 thin coat of paint over it original white colour. the body is 100% rust free and has dead straight panels. It is just one lovely car to drive.


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