Neutral safty switch

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66 Marlin, friend can't get car restarted, NSS seems to be the problem, or the starter solinod, any way to bypass this in this car. No one seems to have these parts. Thanks:(


  • Probably the solenoid, but you can jump across thr NSS with a jumper wire. Just be careful.
  • Have you tried doing electrical checks at least with a test light to determine where you lose the power?

  • Its getting power now, will start

    (playing with gear shift lever) in neutral, seems we need to adjust the linkage some or the switch is going bad. Thanks
  • If by wiggling the shifter to get it to start works, then I would assume that the Neutral switch just needs adjustment.

  • Adjusted switch, seems to work fine now! Thanks
  • I'm glad you figured it out without spending to much money.

    Good luck

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    Did you ever find a source for the switch?
  • No, no body seems to have them! Starter relay we can't find, most auto stores want to see the old part to compair them with what they have. AMC parts are hard to come by, we are finding out!:rolleyes:
  • I'm not sure who you have tried for parts, but here are a couple.

    American Parts Depot in Ohio. 937-6787249

    American Performance Products in Florida 321-632-8299

    Hope this helps

  • AMC used such a mix of parts that I have seen Ford ignition, Delco starters an dvarious other parts on the same car. Best to take the old parts in and match them up.
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