Pair of 37 Hudson Terraplane hubcaps for sale

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I have a pair of 37 Terraplane hubcaps for sale. They are both in very nice undented condition, I think with the original red paint (at least the NOS one), but each has some slight surface marking - see photos for details. I think one of them is NOS but got marked by being in contact with some kind of fluid. It is not very noticeable but it is there. The other one has tiny dots of corrosion on it which were caused by it being stored under a wasps' nest! They are also not very noticeable but they are there! I would call both of them 'driver plus plus' quality. Price $199 + shipping (from France). PM me if interested, or contact via my website, which is


  • sidevalvesidevalve Posts: 80Member
    Meant to say above - usually, when I post things for sale, I get a few comments from people who I guess haven't had much experience at selling, saying that I am a total crook and my prices are insane. I have set these prices by looking at what nasty, rough, dented ones usually go for, which is about $60-75 each, and I have added a bit on because mine are way better than that. Also because I couldn't replace them for the same money. I find prices very hard to gauge, and anyone but a fool starts high (the one thing you can be sure of is that no-one is going to offer you MORE than you asking!!), but if anyone thinks the price is a tad high (and no-one else says it isn't!), I am open to offers - there is no point in these hubcaps cluttering up my shed for another 15 years, although Sod's Law says that as soon as I sell them I will dent one of my own and have to pay twice this for a rough replacement...
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    When Sod and Murphy throw a party hell breaks loose.
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    in this condition at a hudson national this are 25.00 pieces at best.
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    The price might be steep for those living in the USA but he's selling a "cup of water in the desert" and I'd be interested if he lets us know when they sell...I'm sure a pack of USA folk might start buying them up and selling them in Europe if that occurs ....I daresay the average European never heard of cared what a Hudson was ...just saying ... Cheers and have great day folks 
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    The Railton Owners Club have made up some new plain dished chrome hubcaps which can be also used on Hudsons and Terraplanes but I'm not sure which years (because I don't need them) and you'd have to ask the Club parts guy.
    From memory, when the Club notified members about them the price was about the same as Sidevale's.
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    Thanks for the replies, especially from ken1962 (slam dunk) and old fogey. As I said at the beginning, I have absolutely no idea how much they are worth, but one thing I do know, and that is that as sure as hell no-one is going to offer me MORE than I am asking, so like most sellers I have to start high and gauge the market. The market has been duly gauged. As Ken says, there are none in France - but there are also virtually no Hudsons in France, and so my buyer is probably elsewhere. Sounds like a fair online (as opposed to flea market) price is about $100 the pair plus shipping, but if anyone really wants them I would rather sell them for a bit less than leave them gathering dust. I shall probably have to put them on eBay, but I really wanted to avoid using that organisation ever again, because the way they treat sellers gets worse all the time (their latest two stunts have been to abolish the vintage car parts category, so rare and valuable classic car parts have to go in 'car parts - other', and also to delay the payment on my last sale until it was DELIVERED (not shipped) - a three-week wait, as it was an international sale. What next?).
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