WANTED--Rear Windshield (for a 1951 Pacemaker, 2 Door Coupe

StepUpStepUp Posts: 115Member
Does anyone have a rear windshield for a '51 Pacemaker?


  • StepUpStepUp Posts: 115Member
    So far I've struck out. How about this ----is a'51 Pacemaker rear windshield unique or does it interchange with a '50, '52, 53, 54? Anyone know?
  • FlimFlamManFlimFlamMan Posts: 59Member
    Pretty sure the rear glass for your car is unique for 1951 only.

    Shows these guys have it.

  • StepUpStepUp Posts: 115Member
    FlimFlamMan --Thank you for the link! I'll call them on Monday. Has anyone bought windshields from Metro Parts ---quality OK?
  • snowshoe90aolcomsnowshoe90aolcom Posts: 132Expert Adviser
    I have one out of a '51 Commodore 6 4 door. Not sure if it will fit the Pacemaker though.
  • Ric West INRic West IN Posts: 515Senior Contributor
    only 1951  coupes  according tp Hudson parts book. 
  • Ric West INRic West IN Posts: 515Senior Contributor
    oops thought you wanted coupe.  
  • ski4life65ski4life65 Posts: 1,172Expert Adviser
    Where do you live? Maybe a member close to you has one.
  • StepUpStepUp Posts: 115Member
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    I am looking for a 51' Pacemaker, 2 Door Club Coupe back windshield. From the description Bob's Classic Glass doesn't carry it. I'm located in Northern California. Appreciate the help you all have provided.
  • Club CoupeClub Coupe Posts: 209Expert Adviser
    I've owned a '51 Pacemaker Club Coupe for 50+ years.  The bad news is that the rear window is unique to the '51.  I don't know of any rear windows that would come close to replacing it. A long shot may be Vic's Auto Glass in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, that is if he is still in business.  Other than that maybe something could be custom made somewhere using a laser printer so computer generated blueprint.  Good luck.  I feel for you.
  • StepUpStepUp Posts: 115Member
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    Since the '51 rear windshield is turning out to be so rare maybe another option is to graft a '52 or '53 Coupe's rear roof section + window frame into place. I'd have to find a donor car. Doable but a lot of work. Anyone attempted this before? I'm assuming the bodies of the cars across these various years didn't change much (other than in '54).

    I'm trying to salvage a '51 Pacemaker 2 Door Club Couple that had devolved into a "parts donor car" sometime in the '70s. From what I can tell '51 Pacemaker Club Coupes are rare birds ---sure would be nice to save this one....

    Club Coupe - Can you share/post a few pictures of your gem?
  • eddiehudsoneddiehudson Posts: 69Member
    Per the 48 - 54 MPC, all 1951 Coupes use the same rear glass. Find any 1951 coupe.
  • StepUpStepUp Posts: 115Member
    I'm scouring the world wide web for '51 Coupes.
  • 54coupe54coupe Posts: 1,070Member
    Check with Al Saffrahn in Maricopa, Az
  • AndrewSilvaAndrewSilva Posts: 47Member
    StepUp,  I have what you need and I’m even in NorCal.  Price is a handshake and maybe something cold to drink cause it was pretty hot up in my rafters today.  Terrible photos but the weatherstripping will cost you 

    Andrew Silva
  • AndrewSilvaAndrewSilva Posts: 47Member
    Here is a sedan rear window for comparison 
  • StepUpStepUp Posts: 115Member
    AndrewSilva----Holy hotcakes! I think you just helped me save a Hudson from the trash heap! I'm calling you right after this period . (<) THANK YOU!
  • StepUpStepUp Posts: 115Member
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    Here's a loud shout out to the amazingly generous club members amongst us: HOORAY! Andrew has donated a rear windshield and Richard donated a 262ci running engine. Outstanding Gents!

    I'll start a new thread titled, "Saving a '51 Pacemaker" once I tow the car home. 

    The goal of this particular project is to make this abandoned Hudson roadworthy and get'r back on the road.

    Stay tuned and thanks again all. 
  • Club CoupeClub Coupe Posts: 209Expert Adviser
    I'll see what I can do as to photos as I am not very computer savvy.  You are right about the club coupe Pacemakers being rare and mine is one of the most rare as it came with a factory Hydromatic.  
  • StepUpStepUp Posts: 115Member
    Hydromatic ---very cool. Mine is a std 3speed + OD.

    Here's how to post the pics.

    Open a new message. You'll see a square box at the top ribbon that looks like a picture. Click on the box it and then click on the "Browse" button. That will open a window that should open your Window's "Pictures" file. Select the pictures to share by clicking on them and next click "Open".  That should embed the picture(s) into the message.

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