Wanted 4.1 gear and pinion set for Dana rear axle

FlimFlamManFlimFlamMan Posts: 53Member
Looking for a 4.1 gear and pinion set for a 52-54 Hudson Dana rear axle.


  • LanceLance Posts: 1,130Member
    4.10 was standard on the Hudson build rear ends. 4.09 was standard on the Dana rear ends from 52 on. Pretty sure I have both. Could you tell me which one is the one you want?  
  • FlimFlamManFlimFlamMan Posts: 53Member
    4.09 for the Dana, car is a 53 Super Wasp.
  • LanceLance Posts: 1,130Member
    Well looks like a have several 4.10's Hudson built and  a couple of 4.55 for a Dana but they won't help. I do have a 3.07 Dana  for a 53 hydramatic if that helps. 
  • FlimFlamManFlimFlamMan Posts: 53Member
    Appreciate you checking, I'm not wanting to go as tall as 3.07 gears.
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