Hand brake mechanism - 53 Wasp

Can anyone help me with a photo of the hand brake mechanism please. I've discovered I'm missing a spring and want to know what it looks like, what size it is and where it locates at one end. In the service manual diagram the spring is listed as "#18. Brake control lever to guide hanger spring". Its connection at the elbow of the "play link" is clear but I don't know where it connects on the control lever. Does it connect in the same hole as "#34. Hand brake cable lever control spring"? (NB. This is on a right-hand-drive car).


  • superwaspsuperwasp Posts: 424Member
    No, that spring appears to overshoot that hole and anchor to the same place as that other spring in your picture (#17 in the manual).
  • dalmadalma Posts: 42Member
    Ah. Now I know. Many thanks superwasp.
  • ratlee2ratlee2 Posts: 372Expert Adviser
    Here is a photo from a Facebook post from Ken U.

  • dalmadalma Posts: 42Member
    Excellent. Many thanks ratlee2 and Ken U. Now I can see where the missing spring attaches at BOTH ends. Though finding a spring like or similar to that could be tough I reckon. Looks like it must be about a foot long unexpanded. By strange coincidence when my pal nearby checked his ‘48 Super Six Stepdown he discovered the very same spring is also missing on HIS car! Weird.
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