1935 Hudson hood ornament

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I am looking for a 1935 Huson hood ornament.  the back of mine is broken and my chrome plater said he could repair it if I found a donor he could cut the back off.  Or I just need to find one that is not broken.  See pictures of my broken one


  • ToddhToddh Posts: 427Member
    There are at least 3 on eBay right now
  • rnrracingrnrracing Posts: 13Member
    Toddh,  thank you.  none of the ones on ebay have the flare on the back end that I need. maybe there are different ones out there.  I am not up on all the different years.

  • Old Fogey UKOld Fogey UK Posts: 1,036Expert Adviser
    It's different from my 1934 Hudson mascot base.
    Suggestion  - as you still have one side unbroken, why not use epoxy putty to model and contour the broken side to match ?
    That would allow you to make a mould to cast a new one - and would probably cost less than buying an original.
  • bob wardbob ward Posts: 1,371Senior Contributor
    There must be a problem with the back RH corner of the 35H hood ornaments.

    Lockyer Valley, Queensland
  • rnrracingrnrracing Posts: 13Member
    Bummer.  Yes, looks like we both suffer from the same issue.  
  • Essex33Essex33 Posts: 84Member
    Will check when I get home tonight.  I may have a decent back half. 

  • rnrracingrnrracing Posts: 13Member
    Thank you Sir.  That would be great. 
  • Essex33Essex33 Posts: 84Member
    found the box last night.  looks like i was remembering a broken '35 base, when I actually have a broken '34 base and, as you can see from the photo, the tails of the bases are different. 
  • tigermothtigermoth Posts: 558Expert Adviser
    Anyone have a reference for a company that does cloisonné work? Sadly, the previous owner blasted mine.

    regards, Tom
  • 40indianssgmailcom40indianssgmailcom Posts: 277Senior Contributor
    Maybe I am missing something here. If the plater can use two to make a good one why not have them add material to the broken corner and file it to shape.  I am sure this is pot metal but if he can combine two why can he not just add the material?  I know trying to repair pot metal is a challenge but a good tig welder should be able to make the repair.  Just sayin’
  • ken1962ken1962 Posts: 346Member
    Give it 5 years or so and there will be software out there to scan an item and replicate it by a 3d printer without any experience...(3d for dummies) you'd probably be able to build any vintage car by that stage ...waiting for someone to announce a complete 3d car ...it has to happen surely 
  • MikeSheridanMikeSheridan Posts: 175Member
    The nameplate is really enameled. Look up Karla Maxwell (google her) she is out west somewhere. She's redone the medallion for many Hudson people, including me. Does a very good job. There are already people who can scan your part, even a broken part, put it back together in a CAD file, then have it printed by 3D printers. You can also print one cheaply in plastic first for a test fit, then print the one to use in metal. Let me know if you want a referral to someone who can do this for you. 
  • tigermothtigermoth Posts: 558Expert Adviser
    Thank you Mike!
    regards, Tom
  • 35 Terraplane35 Terraplane Posts: 427Senior Contributor
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