Changing 1 lever trans to a 2 Lever.

Hello,  I am new to the "Hudson World" and a recent member of the HET club.  I bought a 1949 Hudson 8 engine and with the  non O.D. 1  lever trans on it. I wanted  to go to a floor shift and bought a 1952 Hudson 2 lever trans.  I plan to go to a ford aftermarket shift linkage and not the modified jeep floor shift top plate.  To my surprise the 2 lever trans  does not come close to bolting to the 49 bell housing.  Do I need to get a 52 bell housing?  If so does anyone have what I need for sale? Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge and suggestions.   Don Feeney in central Ohio.  740-816-4284


  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 4,623Senior Contributor
    Yes, you have to change the bell housing and transmission as a unit. 

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  • DonaldDonald Posts: 49Member
    Thank you for your help
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