1934 Hudson Delux Convertible

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I recently bought a 1934 Hudson convertible I desperately need some help on window door regulators glass possibly diagrams of what I may be missing and some sources out there where I can purchase my items that are that I am missing your help would be greatly appreciated since the car is 80% done very beautifulI just recently joined the ATTHET went to the convention had a great time met a lot of great people thanks Brian


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    I would suggest that you take the initiative to locate fellow '34 convertible owners, and contact them, asking for help.

    As a member of the HET you can make use of the Club's website, which includes such things as downloading literature (shop manuals, sales literature, parts manuals, etc.) and access to the Club's rosters of existing Hudsons.

    Go to the homepage (and sign in, assuming you've used your membership credentials to register for the website).  Click on the MEMBER drop-down, then select the car for which you'd like to find fellow members, from the list at left.  (You can choose "1934 Hudson" but you might want to choose 1934 Terraplane as well, since both makes share convertible components).  

    You will then be shown several pages worth of Hudsons, along with the name of their owners.  (The list will show you 4-doors, convertibles, coupes, etc.)  Make a list of the names, then go to the on-line roster of current HET members and type in each name.  If these owners are still in the club you'll find them listed, along with their contact info.  So you can phone or e-mail them to ask your questions.  Maybe one of them actually lives near you which is even better.

    If the names aren't listed, try the roster of past HET members; the '34 owners may appear there.  In some cases, the information on these cars was obtained from a non-member, so sadly you will not see him or her listed.

    Before contacting these owners with your questions, compose an e-mail concisely explaining all of your questions and, if possible, show images of the body part you're looking for (or about which you are asking a technical question).

    This forum is a fine way to look for information, but keep in mind that probably most of the HET members do not hang out here night and day.  You have to reach out to them.
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    Thanks I will play around with it today to navigate through it find parts breakdown diagrams of the inner door component’s 
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    Thanks again for all your help information I am very excited to own this one it is about 80% restored just purchased from the previous gentleman has passed on 
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    When I first acquired my car, back in 1971, I made a full inspection of what I needed, then made up a sort of catalog sheet with descriptions, sketches and measurement of everything I needed.  Then I snail-mailed everyone I could, who sold Hudson parts, and included a stamped, addressed envelope for their return reply.  (This was is the bad old days before e-mail!)  I knew that my car was pretty obscure to people who normally dealt in Step-Down parts, and that many of the parts (like window regulators hidden in the doors) would not be familiar to a lot of people.  The mailing didn't get me lots of parts, but I did find a few of them using that method.  I also contacted (through the H-E-T roster) people who owned cars similar to mine, to ask them where one might look for some of these scarce parts.  Within a mere 50 years, I had found everything I was looking for!
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    Thanks Jon I am definitely looking forward to finding parts the car need’s to complete meeting good sources 
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