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Hello everyone;  I put an overdrive transmission in my 54 Hornet a few years ago am now attempting to hook up the  wiring.  Does the kick down switch go under the accelerator petal? I see a stud under the petal that limits the petal travel. Is this stock? No wonder that Ford beat me!  Thank you for your interest. Rob H


  • ToddhToddh Posts: 359Member
    If you plan to use a kick-down switch (many do not and place a switch under the dash instead), then yes it goes under the accelerator pedal. 
  • robs54robs54 Posts: 3Member
    Under the dash sounds good. Would that be a four contact switch?
  • D7feverD7fever Posts: 68Member
    No just a single pole, it interrupts the current to the solenoid on the transmission.  I used a momentary contact switch  on mine. It is a normally closed switch, when you push it it opens the circuit. If you look in a Hudson mechanical procedure book , they give a very good explantion of how the O.D. is supposed to work.  Some of the older Motors Manuals have a good explanation too.
  • robs54robs54 Posts: 3Member
    Thank you, appreciate it. The wiring diagram confused me.
  • Hudsy Wudsy Hudsy Wudsy Posts: 510Senior Contributor
    Forgive me if I'm getting foggy in my old age, but isn't there an issue about the shorting out the power at the coil to momentarily put slack in the driveline?
  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 4,622Senior Contributor
    Yes, that occurs when you use the kick-down, and is a brutal mechanism, applying full power and instant torque to the input shaft.   I use a toggle switch in between the  govenor and the  relay.   Switch it off, lift your foot, and the  solenoid disengages, put your foot down again and you are  in direct drive.   Much gentler.   Just remember to switch it on again when you want overdrive next.   
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