1950 Hudson Pacemaker build

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Back in Sept of last year I purchased a 1950 Hudson Pacemaker 500 Sedan. I plan to use the 232 flathead IL6 and the 3spd with OD. Car is in decent shape overall just riddled with dents for the most part. Front floor pans will need replaced. the interior is a wreck, car sat in a garage for 30 years and some woodland creatures decided to take up residence in the car.


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    So far I disassembled the front clip and pulled the motor and trans. Cleaned and painted the front portion of the frame, gone through the suspension and steering components as well as lowered the front end 2 inches. 
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    I converted the front brakes to disc but retained the original style MC and the E-brake system. I still have to run all of the brake lines yet and go through the rear brakes. In honor of a friend of mine who was a Buick die hard, I found a set of 1953 Buick Roadmaster hubcaps for the car.
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    Over the Christmas and New Year holidays I stripped the car down to the primer. Havent done much since because of the weather.
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    Nice, very nice. Is that the Scarebird disc setup?
  • KFF1KFF1 Posts: 8Member
    Yes it is 
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    Looks like your off to a solid start keep going a little at a time. You have got some real positives so far.
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    I always loved the burlap pattern on the Pacemaker. My grandmother had a 50 deluxe. Good luck with the project and let us know if you need parts. 
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    Last weekend I was doing some disassembly to the dash of the Pacemaker. I removed the clock and to my surprise it started ticking. So I removed the bezel and cleaned the unit then oiled it and it's been running everytime I wind it up. Also repainted the face because the paint was flaking off. Turned out nice 
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    Terrific job on clock
  • Ol racerOl racer Posts: 2,601Senior Contributor
    You're doing a real nice Job. Keep up the good work....
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    Great work on the clock, what font did you use for the numbers?

  • bent metalbent metal Posts: 1,703Senior Contributor
    Looks like it's coming along great!  Keep posting pictures, we love to see the process. :)
  • KFF1KFF1 Posts: 8Member
    Thanks guys ... The actual numbers were on the outside of the glass ... The paint on the back side washed off with soap and water so I just masked off the circle in the center and used satin black rattle can 
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    Removed the dash from the Pacemaker today and started removing the old wiring so I'm ready when my new harness arrives 
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