Ignition wires

On a 6 cylinder where does number 1 wire go? On the top or on the bottom of the distributor.


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    This may help.
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    Of course,

    1)  you must make sure that the rotor is positioned so it aligns with #1 spark plug wire on the cap, when the flywheel pointer is at the Top Dead Center mark on the flywheel, and when the #1 cylinder is ready to fire (with piston at top of travel, and both valves closed).

    2)  that your particular year and model's firing order is as shown in the illustration above (1-5-3-6-2-4 on a six cylinder model for your year).  

    3)  that the wires run from the distributor cap to the spark plug at the correct cylinder (#1 cylinder being the first one behind the radiator).

    (I think I got that right....!)
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    Short answer: it goes to the distributor cap post the rotor is pointed at when the #1 cylinder piston is on a compression stroke and is stopped when the timing mark on the flywheel aligns with the stamped timing line.

    regards, Tom
    All I wanted to know is, I took all the wires off, before I took a photo of them. I know how to find number 1 and timing, but would like to know if, number one wire is on top or the bottom of the distributor?  Thank you
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    It's in the 1:00 O'clock position as shown in the photo above.

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    The drive gear is on the oil pump, and can go on in about 10 positions. The distributor can only go in one way. There is no telling if the oil pump has ever been removed, and if it was, we don't know if they put it back to match the factory spec. If I don't document it before removal, I start the reassembly process by finding TDC on compression stroke and see where the rotor is pointing, then call that number 1, no matter where it is.
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