1949 Hudson 8 3 speed non overdrive floor shift conversion

DonaldDonald Posts: 49Member
Hello,     I  am new to the Hudson world and was wondering if  " Back in the Day" there was a after market floor shift conversion made for Hudson's.  Thanks in advance.  Don


  • 50SuperFalcon50SuperFalcon Posts: 152Member
    A lot of Borg Warner stuff pairs up with alot of 50s cars, the t85 and the t15 might be an option.
    And curious why no od? 
    What in the car you have that your thinking of converting ? If it’s a 3 spd column shift there are a lot of floor conversations for tree to floor stuff
    good luck 
  • 46HudsonPU46HudsonPU Posts: 595Administrator
    edited March 2022
    Have a 'thread' going on this, at the moment (link below).  Take a look there, there are some links that may interest you.
    It was going to be my 'winter project', however has been placed on the 'back burner' for a little while - planning to get moving on it, once I 'clear my plate', so to speak.  If you happen to come up with further or new info - let me know..

  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 4,605Senior Contributor
    Be aware that there are major differences between the single lever and double lever transmissions.  I don't know of any easy conversion of a single lever to floor shift.  
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  • DonaldDonald Posts: 49Member
    I am building a 1922 Hudson fair grounds race using a 1949 Hudson straight 8.  I bought a 1952 two lever transmission and bell housing and adapted a aftermarket ford type floor shift to it.  It seems to work.
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