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is there a way to find the lineage of a 1928 essex by the vin?


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    i think it would be cool of knowing the history of my car...

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    If you know where the car was bought new the state DMV may be able to help. The California DMV helped with my 39 but I have the original bill of sale so I know where the car was bought If you don't know that info the DMV in the state where you bought the car may be able to help. They could give you some record and maybe when it was brought to that state.  
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    You may be able to find some info on one or two past owners IF they bothered to register the cars with the Club's registry in the past.  There are registries for different years and makes (Hudson, Essex or Terraplane).  If you send the registry keeper the serial number of your car, he or she can look it up in that particular registry, and report the names of past owners to you.  The list, and contact info for the registry keepers, is published periodically in the WTN, and is also on the Club's website.  (I don't know if it's view-able by non-members, though.)
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    As a side note; other vehicle clubs with forums will stand up a section for non-members to reach out to registrars. It helps get vehicle info that would otherwise go un-reported.
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