Essex Super Six 1928 ignitions questions.

Hi, have some questions about the ignition settings on a Essex Super Six 1928.

- Where do they start counting cylinders, which is the number one? front or back. 

- Which is number one in the distributer? 

- We have found the marker on the flywheel but not on the engine, is it in the middle of window on the plate between the engine and gearbox? 

- Is there a gradation on the marker on flywheel/plate for moving the ignition? 

Please ask if you don't understand my english. 

Kind regards! 



  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 4,424Senior Contributor
    Front cylinder is #1.   The flywheel has a mark D.C. 1-6, and a line.  This should align with the bottom of the cut-out in  the engine plate.  At this stage the  rotor will point to No. 1 terminal on the  distributor.   
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  • essex28essex28 Posts: 2Member
    I used a pressure gauge( 0 - 5# ) in #1 cyclinder ( in the spark plug hole) that way I could do this myself with the hand crank, the pressure will stop at top dead center (TDC). When the piston came up to  ( TDC )
    you should Start to see your marks on the fly wheel at the bottom of the window and your rotor should be pointing towards the motor and your points should be just opening and if not you can adjust your distibutor by loosening the nut on the shaft and rotate as needed.This is what I did with my 1928 essex. I put a timing light on it and it was right on, no ajustment needed. 
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