Putting wire wheels on a 1922 Hudson wood wheel car

Hello, I am new to the Hudson club and need some information to get me pointed in the right direction.I have recently purchased a 1922 wood wheeled  Hudson far beyond restoration.  I intend to make a speedster/racer similar to  the Ira Vail car. What front hubs do I look for and is the wire wheel similar to a Houk that bolts to the  hub unlike a Buffalo wheel that uses a spindle and  knock off nut.  What is the bolt pattern? I am interested in purchasing the needed items.  Thanks  in advance for your help.  Life is Good.   Don Feeney in central Ohio  740-816-4284


  • paulrhd29nzpaulrhd29nz Posts: 283Member
    Finding Hudson hubs and wheels won’t be easy. You’ll have better luck looking for a a more common make and getting a parts car that has the wheels your want or close to it 
  • barrysweet52barrysweet52 Posts: 655Expert Adviser
    I have a spare front axle, rear diff and very 5 nice buffalo wheels that I will sell. 6" x 21 wheels. Everything you need, but Im in Australia. I reply to emails sent to ozhudsonatgmail.com
  • strangeplantstrangeplant Posts: 106Member
    Are you referring to this 1921 racer? That would be very neat to drive to the grocery store.

  • strangeplantstrangeplant Posts: 106Member
    I should be doing something else, but downloaded a few images of other racer styles in this era. The pages wouldn't let me save the images, so I hacked the sites to get them. Evidently, everyone made their own design.

  • 54coupe54coupe Posts: 1,048Member
    I have front and rear axles from a 29 Marmon Roosevelt that had wire wheels. They have all four hubs with the big cast center nuts that hold the wheels on. I don't have the wheels. These are for Dayton wires. I was going to do the same thing you are, but I've changed direction (again). I am in So. Cal. 
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