Electronic ignition

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This unit is simple to install, uses the original points, and if it ever fails it is only a two minute job to revert to the original system.  Involves disconnecting the condenser, wiring the coil to the new unit, and the new unit to the distributor and ground.  I have one on my '28 Essex.  Gives hotter spark, and point last forever.   
"Disclaimer": I have no  financial interest in this at all, just passing the information on.


  • superwaspsuperwasp Posts: 202Member
    Huh. That's really interesting. It's basically just using the points as a signal circuit. I bet it's more reliable than the Pertronix Hall sensor. Cheaper too. Thanks for sharing!
  • superwaspsuperwasp Posts: 202Member
    Geoff, did you install a higher voltage coil or keep the stock coil? 
  • InlineEricInlineEric Posts: 35Member
    Thanks for the info and link... that definitely looks like the way to go for me.
  • stev1955stev1955 Posts: 143Expert Adviser
    Thanks Geoff
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