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i have a 28 Essex drivetrain and i am trying to remove the rear wheel driver side, previous owner also tried by the evidence of hitting the threaded part with some blunt object, today i heated the dickens of the threaded part in hopes of expanding the housing so i can remove the wheel/drum assembly, no luck.. yes i have been using wd40 for some time in the summer and some penetrating oil..... any advice.. i have a hub puller that i almost had on and almost ruined the threads on it, i'm thinking wrapping a chain around the spokes and using a jack-all... BUT i can almost imagine ending up with a bunch of firewood and coming back here for better advice...SO the chain  experiment is on big time hold.... any advice??


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    You definitely need a wheel puller that screws on to the hub cap.   Any attempt to  wrap a chain around the spokes will  break the spokes, as you suspect.  As a last resort, jack up the opposite side of the car, leaving all the weight on the side you want to remove.  undo the nut a few turns,  but not past the end of the thread.  Using a heavy piece of bronze  as a absorber, and to prevent mashing the end of the  axle, hold this against the end of the axle and give it a good whack with a 10 pound hammer.   Have you tried driving around with the nut loosened?
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    unfortunately it is only a drivetrain frame and non running motor on blocks, driving is NOT a option.. i will add a few pictures (somehow) tomorrow...
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    As a last resort , maybe you could drill and tap two holes in that hub and use a good two jaw puller with holes in the legs. Threads look pretty rough there.
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