1927 broken oil pump spring

Does any one know a supplier for the fine oil pump spring? Mine is broken in half.


  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 4,293Senior Contributor
    Do you mean the main  return spring for the plunger, or the small spring on top of the distribution valve in the top of the pump.?  if the latter, then any good hardware store will have a selection of small springs for you to choose form.   This spring regulates the  pressure reading on the gauge. (Not the actual oil pressure itself, just the  gauge)
  • BEarleBEarle Posts: 3Member
    It is the small spring on top and my guage measures zero. Thanks for letting me know it is just the guage reading. I have not driven the car for fear I have low/no oil pressure.
    I hve tried local hardware stores with no luck finding the size and compression rate.
    I really appreciate the help. I drove this car to the 1963 HET Meet in Elmira, NY. :)
  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 4,293Senior Contributor
    Are we talking  Hudson or  Essex?  I can make one for you and post.
  • BEarleBEarle Posts: 3Member
    It is the F-head Hudson. That would be wonderful. 
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