Inside door handles

I just purchased a 1929 Essex. How do I remove the inside door handles? I know this has been brought up before but I am new to the group. Thanks in advance.


  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 4,424Senior Contributor
    A very thin flat wrench that slides over the square on the  retainer, after pushing back the escutcheon. 
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  • rusty_apacherusty_apache Posts: 206Member

    You have probably already disassembled it but in addition to Geoffs sage advice, a few notes from just having removed my own fairy recently. (Relative to the advanced years of our Automobiles,) Unfortunately I didn’t take any helpful photos of the assembly but can when I do the passenger side.

    If memory serves, the square nut threads into the regulator mechanism and it’s either a 9/16 or 5/8”. 
    I used an antique bicycle wrench from my collection, all pre war era an unmarked as to size so that is just an “eyeball “.
     Mine were in no bind, no trouble to remove and had no signs of corrosion. 

    Treat the set nut gingerly, it is a delicate pot metal. but If you damage it there is a bronze replacement available. 

    Many times, gently tightening a nut will free it with less torque than slackening it, then working it back and forth can free it without galling. An old plumber taught me that trick with respect to brass fittings but it seems to apply to most metals.

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