Tailgate Install

This may be a dumb question, but I have searched all around for info on this without any luck.

The tailgate on my truck was not installed properly and did not have proper hinges on it. I've got some hinges that match pretty close to the original Hudson hinges from advice in this forum. My problem is I have never seen a tailgate taken off or installed and am not sure exactly how it should be done.  I searched the forum for any info, and the web, but surprisingly was unable to find any information.

Are the hinges meant to hold a bar that goes through the tailgate to the other hinge?

If anyone had any photos of what is going on here or could try and give some advice it would be helpful. 



  • 54coupe54coupe Posts: 793Member
    The tailgate is supported on each end by the hinge. That's it. Nothing else. The top hinge mounting screw goes into a threaded receptacle. The bottom screw requires a nut on the back side. I believe the threaded receptacle is 5/16-24 (fine thread).
  • longlivelancelonglivelance Posts: 101Member
    So the portion circled in red on each hinge should fit into the sleeve on the tailgate? The ones I have are slightly too big, but if that is how they work I should be able to reduce that diameter enough to get them to fit.

    Thank you for the info/help!
  • 54coupe54coupe Posts: 793Member
    That is correct.
  • LanceBLanceB Posts: 676Senior Contributor
    Here is a picture that may help also.

  • longlivelancelonglivelance Posts: 101Member
    The picture does help too. This all makes sense. I just need to tighten up the diameter on the hinges I have. They are just barely too large.

    Thanks for the help all!
  • longlivelancelonglivelance Posts: 101Member
    Getting closer. Now that I've got my hinges fitting into the tailgate sleeves, should I be using some sort of lubricant on them as well? And if so, what works best?
  • longlivelancelonglivelance Posts: 101Member
    Got it installed. Thanks for the help all!

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