Ford rear end

JasonNCJasonNC Posts: 939Expert Adviser
Just curious, has anyone installed a Ford rear end on a Stepdown?  I have access to a rear end from an old Lincoln Town car and considering installing it on my Super Six if it’s feasible.


  • 54coupe54coupe Posts: 951Member
    I put an 8.8 from a 99 Explorer in my 54. They have an offset diff, and a long and short axle... We made the long side match the short side. It is now the perfect width, and I have a 3.55:1 ratio posi rear with disc brakes.
  • TastelessGentTastelessGent Posts: 9Member
    I'm dropping a ford 9" in mine now. 56" hub to hub, will likely add a small shim on each side to give it a better look.
  • ValVal Posts: 1,086Member
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    Not sure about ford but seems like the other folks know it will. But I have been told that  60s Chrysler will fit. I believe 3.73 was it.
  • fliptopfliptop Posts: 248Member
    I used a 1973 Plymouth rear end with a 3.21 ratio. Hub to Hub @ about 56"
    3P30 - cast # 2652905
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