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I have a Marvel 10-195 on a 1930 Hudson Essex super six and it was running good all the way to get inspected. After passing inspection on the way home it started to sputter and lose power. I got it running and when I accelerated it would bog down. I believe it is the carburetor and just ordered a rebuild kit from THE CARBURETOR SHOP $262.00 dollars did I do the right thing?


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    Was this the first time this happened?  Or had this problem happened before?

    If, now, you were to start it, would it run okay?  Then start sputtering again?

    If you drove it again and it suddenly developed the same problem,  it would be beneficial to check the carburetor, see if gasoline is pouring out of it, or if it seems normal.  If the carb seemed normal, possibly the problem lies somewhere else, such as ignition.  For example, if it only occurs when the car gets hot, the fault might lie in a bad coil or condenser.

    Possibly the trouble lies in the vacuum tank, pulling the gas into the carb.

    Disaster lurks everywhere.

    It never hurts to have a spare carb rebuild kit.  Especially if the various gaskets and things in the kit are made of the kind of rubber that resists the new ethanol gasolines.
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    PS -- you've double posted on this subject, so I removed the identical posting, "Marvel Carburetor" which as yet had no replies.
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    Hi Jon and thank you. This is the first time I drove the car I just recently acquired it and its  been sitting in a barn for a few years. I flushed out the fuel tank and it has an electric fuel pump. The trip to the inspection station was it’s maiden voyage and it was fine for about 5 or 6 miles then started to sputter. I got it home and let it cool off tried it again and it was still sputtering. I removed the carb and the float gasket was deteriorated. My guess was the new gas. I ordered the carb kit and it’s 10 weeks out so I’ll have to wait. Thank you again and have a great day 
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    Check your float. 
    The original was cork and pieces can flake off after a few generations! Also that electric pump COULD BE overpowering your float valve. 
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    Not familiar with electric fuel pumps but I think it is necessary to have a fuel pressure reduction device or as Rusty Apache noted there could be too high a flow. 
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    Electric fuel pumps are made with different delivery pressures. The low pressure variety with 2 to 3 psi delivery pressure should work OK on an early carb without a regulator.
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