Charging System

    Having trouble with charging system. Generator quit a while back, so cleaned commutator armatuer, new bushings and new and brushes so decided to replace regulator with NOS match to generator. Generator charges. So all was good til dark. Overdrive stopped engaging and lights began to fade. Regulator clicks when it nears idle and amp light comes on. so I think charging ok. can runaround all, stop and start but lights come then power goes and no overdrive I know system has to have nuf power to engage and hold solenoid in. Today, I replaced regulator with old one. Regulator makes the click it's supposed to but after few mile overdrive quits for lack of power. I get home this time, battery is zapped. Watched a video of setting  voltage, but thought I'd try swapping regulator and here I am. 
 Appreciate advice and or solution.


  • lostmindlostmind Posts: 1,417Expert Adviser
    Every time I had trouble with OD when lights were on , it turned out the battery was weak.
    Do you have one from another car you can swap to try?
  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 4,322Senior Contributor
    You need to adjust the output of the regulator to 7.5 volts at the A terminal.  
  • kamzackkamzack Posts: 506Senior Contributor
    Thanks for responding. I don't have nudder 6 volt. However, I went to parts store where I bought the battery and had um load  test. It was at the very low end of the scale but so because it was still in the "good" said it's doing what it's supposed to. I'm still suspicious of da battery. Geoff, I've been intending to check voltage but changed regulator instead. Now with both doing same thing.....? I am gonna check it. trying to go regional meet in Alabama Thursday.
        Thanks again,
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