Hudson 8 tappet covers. '34-'52

GeoffGeoff Posts: 4,259Senior Contributor
Wondering if the shield inside the tappet covers, with the six  ears, do the the ears sit inside the block, or the covers?  I have found them located both ways, and inevitably the ears are distorted.  Currently working on a '48 Commodore 8 coupe with copious leaks out the side covers.  Thanks in advance for any thoughts,


  • HansHans Posts: 178Senior Contributor
    can you post a picture of what you call tappet covers with six ears ?
  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 4,259Senior Contributor
    Haven't got a pic, but I'm not actually talking about the external covers, but the internal flat plate that fits inside the recess of the  tappet cover itself.   This flat plate has breather holes in it, and six ears at right angles to the plate itself, about 1/4" long.  In most cases these ears are distorted and bent, and the plate does not fit neatly, so I am wondering if the plate goes between the block and the  gasket, or sits in the tappet cover itself. 
  • BigSkyBigSky Posts: 942Senior Contributor
    Here’s a picture of my 49 Hudson 8 valve covers.

  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 4,259Senior Contributor
    Thanks muchly, as I suspected the ears go inwards and sit inside the  block openings.  
  • JACK356JACK356 Posts: 200Member
    On my survivor 34 the plates being quazi new here are the photos. The small legs new condition; are well directed side plate. It centers perfectly with the plate. Nos jointes also

  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 4,259Senior Contributor
    So they changed the position in the Step-down years by the looks of it.  As you say, this fits perfectly in the cover.  thank you for picture jack. 
  • Old Fogey UKOld Fogey UK Posts: 732Expert Adviser
    Mine are exactly the same as Jack's, Geoff.
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