1931 Essex Super Six flywheel

rkaufman62rkaufman62 Posts: 10Member
A few months back, I spoke with someone about a flywheel.  Someone mentioned that they have one that might be for a 1930 or 1929.  Trying to get ahold of this individual.  Can you please reach out.  Would like to discuss further.


  • rkaufman62rkaufman62 Posts: 10Member
    Adding to my comment above, I have a 1931 Essex Super Six and the flywheel has some chewed up teeth.  
  • ESSX28-1ESSX28-1 Posts: 1,389Senior Contributor
    On the 28/9 Essex, the ring gear is replaceable & is shrunk onto the flywheel. You may be able to do the same on your existing flywheel.  NOS ring gears come up on eBay occasionally.
    Dave Y New Zealand
  • HansHans Posts: 215Senior Contributor
    1929 flywheel is different that 1930/31.
    / 31 '30/31 is not interchangeable with 27 / 28 / or 29.

    The 1930 / 31 flywheels are larger in diameter.

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