1928 Radiator Cap

I have a super nice large, heavy cast stainless steel octagonal one that Geoff sent me, but for just going to the supermarket, I'm thinking of a cheap replacement so if it's stolen I won't totally freak. I see that 1928-1929 Model A's use a cap that I'm guessing might fit our 2-1/4 thread.

I've asked Ford shops and eBay sellers, but no one cares enough to measure them.

Does anyone know what will fit our cars???? Once I find out, then I can get gaskets that fit. Hooray!


  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 4,623Senior Contributor
    Yes, Model A Ford will screw straight on.   
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  • CurtCurt Posts: 4Member
    the threaded caps for '28-29 Model A Fords fit both radiator and gas tank, but don't use the gas cap on the radiator, it is vented and the radiator coolant will come squirting out.
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