1928 Essex Super Six A pillar trim.

It has been 16 years since I took this car apart.  Now I am looking for the trim that goes on the A pillar that went down the side of the pillar to the floor that held the wind lace and the kick panel connected to. 


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    Atomomman, I have been looking for those identical parts for my 1928 Hudson sedan., important to keep the wind and water out.  They are the same on both cars since the bodies are the same.....except not necessarily for the Hudsons with Murphy bodies.

    The conclusion I came to is that there are none to be found anywhere, and I've been looking for three years so far. But, there is a fellow that goes by the handle of 'bent metal' that is an excellent metalsmith. He can make them for us, and I've PM'd him about doing this, but he has a backlog of projects to make, so it will be a while. Of course, he needs a car to copy, and he even has access in the form of a 1929 Essex. I've been told by Geoff Clark that they are the same, 28, 29, Essex and Hudson, and that means everything can be worked out.

    If this is a workable route for you, let's try to get this done. I bet that there are others who need these pieces. 

    The images that I do have of a 1928 Essex are these. I got them from a fellow in Tx, 'rusty apache':

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    You can get away with making a metal "sandwich" for this part.  Just get two strips of 1mm sheet steel, the correct length and width, and cut out the  required bits to fit around the  dash and fittings, etc, and glue the windlacing to one of them,  fit the other length  to the inner edge of the bead of the  windlace, rivet the two pieces together, and screw to the door frame.    The original windlacing had a small bead which pressed into the shape of the  trim piece.  Replacement  windlacing has only a flat  trim piece, so you can easily glue this to the metal.   Have fun, 
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