Can anybody tell me, how to get my engine back in time, the engine was all dismantle, when I got it, put it all together,but will not start voltage from the coil is ok, spark at the points, 262cid 6 cyl. I put new valves& rings and bearings note the oil pump & distributor was removed/?


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    While I am not sure about the 262 and step cars my 39  212 is timed and marks are on the flywheel. My owners manual tells how to set ignition timing. Maybe yours will too if you have one. What type car is it? 
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    1948 super six, because the oil pump & distributor was removedly think it's all of time.
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    This is a simple question. I would start with compression on #1. Then get #1 top dead center, to check for the correct location timing location on the flywheel. I had my timing chain off by 2 teeth, that made it hard to start
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    If you did not change or remove the timing gear or chain to the cam shaft the cam timing will be fine  that leaves the ignition timing  
    As you removed the distributor that will be the problem    you can use a manual to do it the correct way but as a old mechanic there are simple ways 
    Remove all the spark plugs get some one to  put there finger over number one plug hole turn the motor over till they feel compression   then try and find the Top dead center marks this will be on the flywheel more than likely  or if you can look down the plug hole and see the piston it needs to be at the top 
    Once you have the number one piston at TDC firing ( compression stroke ) look at the distributor the rotor button should be pointing to number one ignition lead  if not pull the distributor out move it around till the rotor button points to No 1 lead the 
    then move the rotor button this has spring loaded advance in it and should move forward about 1/4 " and back in that amount of movement the point should open I often turn on the ignition and look for the spark doing this  once this happens nip up the distributor put the cap on and it should go  then set the timing once it is running with a timing light 
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    If the oil pump was removed it has to be positioned to the cam so that the distributor
    will be in the right position. There is an offset in the distributor shaft that locates it in the pump drive. Hudson supplied a tool to time the pump to number one , but you can use a long heavy screw driver. Take a look at a manual to understand.
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    the timing  chain was removed ,I had no 1 & number6 piston at top dead center,instaled timing chain as shown in repair manual, looks ok, tried to start engine and it just backfires??? [note 1&6 piston top dead center rotor pointed at number one piston, I do not know if I put the oil pump in correctly??
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    Number one has to be at TDC on Compression stroke not exhaust.
    It's possible you are 180 degrees out of time unless you checked that both valves were closed on number one. I assume your wires are in the cap on the correct plugs in proper firing order.
    You can loosen the bolt on the distributor plate to get a lot of travel.
    If you're in on number one compression and wires are in correct order , try moving the distributor while someone is cranking engine.
    This also assumes the valves are properly adjusted.
    You might want to take a compression test , if cam timing is off it will be low.
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    HET member Gert Kristiansen use to or still does make a nice reproduction of the Kent Moore J-2794 oil pump alignment tool for the Hudson 1948-56 six cylinder engine.  Bet that might come in handy here.  
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    Yes I have that alignment tool - you can reach me at HETgtkristi@comcast.net - thanks, remove the HET prefix.
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