Removal Interior door latch handle 29 essex

supersixersupersixer Posts: 39Member
Does Anyone know how to get at the retainer ferrel to remove inner door latch handle I cannot see it it is behind a cover or the maybe the door handle? Thanks, Tony Silva Ossipee, NH


  • supersixersupersixer Posts: 39Member
    I mean it may be behind the door panel
  • rusty_apacherusty_apache Posts: 206Member
    yes it is a pot metal nut behind the escutcheon and about a 9/16” wrench fits it.
    they tend to crumble when loosened but I believe Geoff sells brass or bronze replacements.
    Years ago a plumber taught me that brass fittings should be tightened ever so slightly to break loose the joint, then the galling is kept to a minimum. The same principle applies to this delicate pot metal.
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