JFrommJFromm Posts: 292Senior Contributor
What amp fuse is used for a Jet clock? Also what colors were Jet dashes painted?


  • RocketRocket Posts: 409Senior Contributor
    Hi John when I got my clock gone through the clock guy told me to use a 2 amp fuse no higher because you could burn your clock points in the event your battery went to low and the points were closed and you did not have enough juice for them to open.
  • 54coupe54coupe Posts: 639Member
    I've seen Jet dashes in green, brown, and blue.
  • JFrommJFromm Posts: 292Senior Contributor
    Thanks. The 2 amp  fuses I have are half the size of a normal fuse. If I put two together to fit in fuse holder, does that make 4 amps or still 2 amps? 
  • ken1962ken1962 Posts: 297Member
    If you connect two or more than two fuses in series nothing will change. It functioning as the single one. Every fuse has some limit for current if it exceed it will burn. But if you connect in parallel then the total current carrying capacity will increase.
  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 4,130Senior Contributor
    My Jet had a red interior originally.  I hated it so changed it a mid blue.
  • JFrommJFromm Posts: 292Senior Contributor
    Thanks for the information.
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