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driver side spoke wheel has been on i assume since 1928... tire might have been changed BUT the spoked wheel and drum is on really tight i used a spare hubcap with a hole in center with pulley puller and ended up stripping threads on the cap... used a 2x4 6' to pry on tire and hit the loosened nut ... is the next step torch HEAT to expand hub?... yes i pounded on tire and a lot of WD40.... i'm thinking a couple of 24 behind the wheel chained and use a hydraulic bottle jack to free it up...
i have reconditioned 3 of the 4 wheels... these are on the spare frame drivetrain that i have.... 
the chain and 2x4 's will be tomorrows project


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    You can try loosening the nut and driving around for a while should loosen it. Otherwise you will need a proper puller which is a steel dome with an internal thread which screws on to the hub cap thread, and has a large bolt in the centre which  pushes on the end of the axle and breaks it loose from the taper.   A more brutal method is to jack the car up on  the opposite side to which you are removing, so all the weight is on the wheel you want to take off.   Loosen the nut, and using a solid piece of bronze held against the end of the axle give it a good whack with a 5 lb. hammer.  Don't try and do this on your own though if you value your fingers, an d hold the bronze  with a pair of vice grips, not fingers!   Check the end of the axle after you have done this, that the thrust plug in the end has not shattered.   A  better method instead of a bronze plug is to machine a steel plug the same thread as the axle, with a blind hole longer than the protruding axle thread, and screw it on tight and whack this.   It is essential to have the weight on the wheel, so inertia can do it's job. 

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    on the spare frame drivetrain that i have....  driving it around is NOT a option .....
    as you can see from the bottom picture i used the hubcap  but managed to strip the threads... it is sunny today and a BALMY -9C.  so ill try something else 

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    Hub cap is flimsy alloy, you need a solid steel puller. 
    If you're stuck in a hole, stop digging.
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    Some internet net search results show the type of puller both original and made to do the task...
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    i ordered a thread file ,as i noticed that the rear axle had been pounded on, after i tried the custom puller made ,,,, should be here in a week (from amazon
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