Loose steering. 1928

MariusMarius Posts: 65Member
the nut and screw on the side of the steering box is screwed in snug but still have play in wheels,
the double nut on top of steering box what does it do??

the wheels are both tight as far  as i can tell ... move left to right and the linkage seems to be loose right at the steering box


  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 4,136Senior Contributor
    There are specific instructions to adjust the steering box.  Do you have  an owner's manual?  You must remove the drag link, and check the drop arm for play in th eposition of least movement.   the box is adjusted for up-an d down movement of the shaft by the  bolt on to of the  box, for side-play of the cross shaft by the  screw on  the inner edge and for mesh of the worm and sector by the eccentric on  the outer side of the box.   
  • MariusMarius Posts: 65Member
    i do not have a owners manual , i would love to get one.... thank you 
  • MariusMarius Posts: 65Member
    I downloaded ALL 268+paged  manual for 26 to 29 essex

    figured out the loose steering problem ,it's a nut that's slightly offset on the steering box, thusly working like a cam to tighten the play that wasn't adjusted since probably 1928. now i can probably hit 45 MPH.... eeeehhhaaaa... can't wait for the snow to melt.
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    Ha ha.. Just remember the hudson law.. Adjusting one item leds to a problem elsewhere.... Ie your speedo will probably snap... Only joking... Enjoy the cruise... 
  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 4,136Senior Contributor
    The club website has links for manuals.
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