WGD carb placement from scratch

Hello guys and gals,

As I’m slowly rebuilding my ‘49 Hudson to a more drivable car I ditched the Holley and bought a refurbished WGD.

Now I have to make a few adjustments and need some parts and because I don’t live in the US some parts aren’t that easy to come by (because inch in stead of mm).

I have a few questions about the hookup of the fuel line, choke and vacuum line.

What kind of thread an size are the vacuum lines and what kind of thread and size is the fuel line?

When I measure the size the vacuum line says 0.324 and the fuel line says 0.442. This is in between the high part of the threads. I don’t know much about inch sizes and the UNC/UNF system or if these lines use another size altogether. 

Oh and the choke has a screw connection too. Where does that go?


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    If I remember correctly the vacuum line uses a piece of 3/16" steel brake line. It runs from the base of the carb to the distributor. The choke line goes to a hole in the manifold to supply heat. It was covered in asbestos and is lightly pressed in. I think it was made from a piece of copper tubing.
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    Front and side view showing the plumbing.
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    One thing to consider, the casting on the carb where the fuel line fitting and vacuum fitting go are going to be pipe thread. Are you able to get pipe threaded hose barbs to accept rubber fuel and vacuum line? The fuel pump casting will be pipe thread as well. Other wise the steel lines that go into the fittings are flare fittings. Hope that makes sense. 
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