What colors were the early Essex cars?

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I'm curious about what colors the early to mid-20s Essex cars were painted. Don Butler's History of Hudson rarely mentions colors at all, but I suppose they were not all black, like contemporary Fords.
I located the 1922-1927 paint specs (and the 1909-1957 serial numbers file) in the club's online library, which shows that blue was the most common color for the earlier part of that period, along with smaller numbers of black or green cars, but I can't figure out how to interpret it into year and series. The serial numbers simply don't seem to match at all - e.g., Essex coaches are numbered 100,000 and up in the paint file, but 500,000 and up in the serial numbers file? Any pointers would be appreciated!
Also, I wonder about Essex colors of 1919-1921, the years that weren't covered by the paint specs file - I guess there's no written documentation, but observations are nice too!

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